Wealthy Affiliate Review


I no longer recommend Wealthy Affiliate as my #1 suggestion. About a year ago I joined “Bring The Fresh” and have never looked back. Since joining Bring the Fresh, my income has sky rocketed into the 7 figures – I’m on pace to do almost 2 million in 2012 – and I credit Bring The Fresh with just about all of my success. I will be reviewing them more in depth when I get time, but for now all I can say is that I couldn’t praise them more for where they have taken my internet marketing career! Join me in Bring The Fresh.

For now I will leave the old Wealthy Affiliate Review up (note that I still think WA is good –  BTF is just better).

Wealthy Affiliate Review

Check Out The Wealthy Affiliate Members Area Below!

  1. Constant updates and addition of invaluable tools – completely free to members. Being a member at Wealthy Affiliate, I was able to save over $400 a month from subscriptions I had to keyword tools, website builders, and other handy internet marketing tools – all provided free with the membership.
  2. Unbelievable organization of the information and their ability to start from the beginning and cover the most important aspects of internet marketing in depth. Even a lot of the good sites out there seem to skip over “beginner information” because they just expect people to know it since they have known it for so long. This is how you get lost…and Wealthy Affiliate does a great job at making sure this does not happen.
  3. There is no other site that offers support like the Wealthy Affiliates. Not only do Kyle and Carson offer free 1 on 1 help (no other sites do this without charging $100′s or $1,000′s extra), but you also have thousands of successful members that jump at the chance to answer your questions and help you. The close-knitting of this community is invaluable.


Inside Wealthy Affiliate University!

Wealthy Affiliate

I am very confident that those of you who sign up for Wealthy Affiliate University will succeed…but to make extra sure I made a video for you to show you the inside of the membership area. I show you the single most important part of the Wealthy Affiliate University (aside from the forum) in the video, and it is important that you pay attention to that part of the membership. It is what launched me into success so quickly…I am talking about the 8 week action plan.

You Can Take A Free Look Inside The Wealthy Affiliate University Members Area Here!

As you will see in the video, I also take you inside the members forum area. A lot of people think the main purpose of the forum is to ask questions and get support…and it is. But I want you to get the full use of this forum. There are also TONS and TONS of invaluable posts in the forum…especially the stickies by Kyle, Carson and Travis. I just want to make sure that you know how much useful information is in this forum, there are posts that can help make you thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars! So do NOT underestimate the power of this forum, it is one of the best online!

Double Wealthy Affiliate University Guarantee!

Wealthy Affiliate

Fact: Of the thousands of members who have joined Wealthy Affiliate over the last couple years, not ONE person has asked for a refund. It actually came straight from one of the owners mouth to me that “we have not been asked for a refund in years”. This is an extremely bold statement about Wealthy Affiliate University.

I am going to offer everyone who purchases a Wealthy Affiliate University membership through my website a Double Guarantee! So your probably asking, “Greg, what the heck is a double guarantee?”.

I will guarantee you priority support from myself – this is on top of the guarantee Wealthy Affiliate gives you that if you follow their direction and don’t give up you will eventually succeed. And again, anyone that purchases a Wealthy Affiliate University membership through any link on this website will be given my priority support e-mail. What this means is that any time you need help, you can write me an e-mail to my special top priority support e-mail address, and I will answer any question you please, as many questions as you please, for free…FOR LIFE.

Usually I charge up to $300 an hour for coaching, so this is an invaluable bonus…and it almost guarantees your success. Without my support…pretty much anyone with some sort of dedication to succeed has a good chance at doing just that. But just in case you get lost along the way, and you can’t find your answer at Wealthy Affiliate…I will personally answer any question you have…as many questions as you have. I hope this shows you that I DO want you to succeed, and I am serious about doing anything I can to help you make as much money as possible!

Just send a copy of your receipt to greg@melovemoney.com with the subject “Wealthy Affiliate Sign-up” – and in the body of the message, give me your name and the e-mail address you want added to my top priority support e-mail. I will then e-mail you back with the information you need to contact me. Common guys and gals…this is almost a free pass to success…you just need to go through the motions! I sure wish I had someone do that for me!


Bottom Line & Sum Up For Wealthy Affiliate University…

Wealthy Affiliate - Site Rubix

Very quickly I want to sum up Wealthy Affiliate University, and give you all of the advantages and disadvantages of Wealthy Affiliate University in an organized list so you can decide whether this is the best program in order for you to become a successful internet marketer and live the American Dream!

Check Out The Inside Of The Wealthy Affiliate University Membership For Free Here!

Advantages Of Wealthy Affiliate University:

  1. The most complete internet marketing community on the entire internet.
  2. They cover the complete basics so that brand new internet marketers will not get lost, frustrated, and quit.
  3. Not only is this a great place for beginners, but this is a great place for novices, advanced and expert internet marketers. They have THAT much information, great for any level of marketer.
  4. They have already proved themselves by creating THOUSANDS of successful internet marketers. Some are making hundreds of thousands (example: me) and some are even making millions! There are almost 1500 success storied in their forum to back this claim. There is no other teachers of internet marketing that have produced near the number of successful marketers that Wealthy Affiliate University has.
  5. They are unbelievably organized. This makes learning much easier, you just follow right along with the courses.
  6. This really is like a “university”, or a “school”. No other membership site has a whole “university” dedicated to teaching internet marketing.
  7. The forum is invaluable. With thousands of successful marketers there you get both thousands of invaluable information filled posts, and support and answers to any questions you need to be answered.
  8. The owners, Kyle and Carson, guarantee to personally help you succeed. Any other membership would charge you thousands extra to work one on one with the owners. Wealthy Affiliate University gives you this free of charge.
  9. Everything is included with your membership, at no extra cost. All the information, e-books, videos, classes, forum access, one on one support, templates and all sorts of internet marketing tools.
  10. There is a money back guarantee – even though I have not known a single person to ask for their money back to date (the people I have referred).
  11. If you want to succeed…you will succeed with Wealthy Affiliate University. Their information is too organized, too on point and just too good for any dedicated person not to succeed. If you put in the work and stay dedicated…you will succeed.
  12. This is the place that taught me internet marketing, so I am a prime example of how good Wealthy Affiliate University is. After being a member their for 6 months I was making a 6 figure a year income!
  13. Don’t forget my double Wealthy Affiliate University Guarantee. On top of the money back guarantee they give you, I will give you access to me. You will be able to pick my brain with anything you please. I will give you access to my private e-mail, I only give to a select few people who get free help and coaching from me whenever they please (I usually charge up to $300 an hour for coaching). This is to make DOUBLE sure you succeed.


Disadvantages Of Wealthy Affiliate University:

#1 The monthly fee of $97 – which means you can’t just pay and be done, you will be paying a monthly bill. But because of the fact that this place will teach you how to make hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars a year – I would say that this price is more than justified (just wait until you see all the stuff included with this). But there is still a monthly fee…and unfortunately some people can not afford to pay $97 a month…which is VERY unfortunate for those people.

You just need to think of this as an investment in your career, and make sure if you are spending $97 a month that you are  putting your all into learning internet marketing – use what’s important to you in your life as your motivation – I personally use my daughter and my child that’s on the way who will be here in about 6 months.

Conclusion Of Wealthy Affiliate University:

As most of you may already know I am an extremist supporter of Wealthy Affiliate Online University – and for good reasons. It is the place that is responsible for me making hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. It is what is responsible for me being able to wake up when I want, work when I want, not have to answer to a boss and basically gives me the freedom to do what I want when I want. I feel I have an unbelievable outstanding debt to them for giving me the tools to be where I am today…it is really the best feeling in the world to be making hundreds of dollars every night in your sleep. Note that you can also checkout a more in depth program found at http://profit-hacks.net or you can checkout this video for a Local Formula Review review & bonus from OMG Machines.

I tried my best to find some more disadvantages of Wealthy Affiliate University, but honestly I just could not find any more disadvantages. I know it is hard to believe which programs really work because most people recommend all kinds of different programs, but I have done my best to show you that Wealthy Affiliate University really is the best. I have compared it to other programs and even let you take a look at the inside of the members area, including the thousands of success posts.


So hopefully for your sake you get the point that I am not exaggerating about the success rate and credibility of Wealthy Affiliate University and you can be on your way to being your own boss, controlling how much money you make (essentially) and basically being in control of your life – what you do and when you feel like doing it. And add on my Double Wealthy Affiliate University Guarantee – and you really can’t lose. Hope to see you over at Wealthy Affiliate University Online!

Note: If you would like to learn about drop shipping or e-commerce rather than general internet marketing, I highly recommend either Worldwide Brands or Doba.

Wealthy Affiliate Review Continued In More Detail:

Greg is an experienced internet marketer that makes a 7 figure a year income from online marketing.
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