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One of the most common questions I get about social networking is “Well what is social networking”? Basically social networking is when you are interacting on social networks such as MySpace, Facebook, Friendster and dating sites to name a few (which I have learned from Wealthy Affiliate, and Unique Article Wizard has helped me dominate). We are in a time where social networking is HUGE, especially with the rise of both MySpace and Facebook, social networking has never been so big before!

…So What’s So Important About Social Networking…

I am going to answer this question by giving you some numbers. I will be giving you numbers for the two largest social networks out there; both MySpace and Facebook.

MySpace now has OVER 200 MILLION MEMBERS!

Facebook now has OVER 75 MILLION UNIQUE MEMBERS, and it is estimated that they get an additional 250,000 thousands NEW members a DAY!

Considering there are about 6 billion people on this earth, and about 5% of them hang out on just these 2 social networks alone, I would say that is a pretty darn good place to be making money…wouldn’t you? To be completely honest with you, without social networking I would probably not be my own boss, I would probably not be making 6 figures a year, I would probably not have nearly the freedom I have today and I would probably be working for someone else for a measly $10 an hour, 40 hours a week…just like 99% of the people out there.

This is why social networking is SO important. Any time you have approximately 250,000,000 people hanging out in the same place, you have a HUGE opportunity to makes TONS of money. Trust me, I know first hand.

…So Exactly How Do You Make Money On Social Networks?

Good question! And this my friends is where the gold lies, this is the question that tons of people are asking, and unfortunately for them most never get the answer to this important question.

What you need to do to make money is find out what each of these 250,000,000 people want and provide it for them. But unlike other areas of internet marketing, marketing with social networking is much different. People are on social networks to communicate and interact with other people. It’s a boost of ego, people need to know that they are liked and interacting with other people gives them this selfish satisfaction (hey I do it to, I’m not talking down on the 250,000,000+ social networkers out there)!

So since people are on social networks to communicate and interact, that is why marketing on social networks is much different. You need a much different approach than other areas of marketing. On top of needing to know the different approach you need, you also need to know how to get in touch with as many people as possible. And of course, you need to find out what each of these people are interested in so you market to them and make money from them.

It is atually much easier than it seems, you just need to know the system. Once you have the system down you have the potential to make a LOT of money. Just to give you an idea, when I first started marketing on social networks, I was making upwards of $1,500 A DAY!

Learning To Make Money With Social Networking…

Unfortunately, there are not many e-books or membership sites out there that share this information on how to make money with social networking. A lot of the people that understand the process of marketing on social networks are not willing to share the information because it is so valuable.

Fortunately there is ONE membership site out there that does offer this information, and the owner is one of the more respected members of the internet marketing community. The name of this membership site is Spacebankers and it is owned by Ryan Moran.

Ryan Moran is a friend of mine who runs his internet marketing business form his college dorm room! Like me, he also makes 6 figures a year, pulling in upwards of $20,000 a month! And like me, social networking has a lot to do with his success, so he really knows what he is talking about and can really show you the ropes to marketing on social networks.

…More Spacebankers Information…

Check out the inside of the Spacebankers members area for free here!

Above I have a link that you can check out the inside of the Spacebankers members area for free. I have been a member since Spacebankers was started, and I wanted to give all of you who are interested a preview of what you will be getting if you purchase a membership!

As I mentioned before, Spacebankers is a VERY unique membership site. Ryan offers the information that a lot of other people are not willing to share. Not only does Spacebankers offer information that other people are not willing to share, but they cover the major social networks – instead of focusing on just one network. This really widens the opportunity to make more money.

Advantages Of Spacebankers:

  1. Very unique information that other people are not willing to share.
  2. Spacebankers does not focus on a single network which really widens your chance to make more money.
  3. They do not just provide a simple e-book for each network. On top of the multiple e-books offered are tons of videos, help guides, and a members forum.
  4. Ryan is a very personable person, which calls for great support. He will answer any questions immediately that you need answered. The support is no doubt top notch.
  5. A membership gives you lifetime members area access. Since Spacebankers is updated about monthly, this is a very valuable part of the membership.
  6. The constant updates keep you on top of the social networking market, and helps you keep making as much money as you have the potential to make.

Disadvantages Of Spacebankers:

1) With a $97 price tag, this may make the membership unaffordable to some people. Even though you will easily make your investment back, $97 is $97 – and of course this may push away some people.


Overall, Spacebankers is a great membership site and a great place for both new and intermediate internet marketers to start. With over 250,000,000 people on the top two social networks (and Spacebankers covers both) – this gives you the potential to make thousands of dollars a day, with an unlimited number of potential buyers.

Once you learn how to market to people differently on social networks, how to maximize the number of people that you interact with and of course how to learn what each of these people want to maximize your profits – you will quickly see why I am so supportive of marketing on social networks!

Also Don’t Forget To Get A Free Look At The Inside Of The Spacebankers Members Area Here!

Note: If you are more interested in drop shipping and e-commerce, then you can learn from the companies that taught me, Worldwide Brands or Doba.

Greg is an experienced internet marketer that makes a 7 figure a year income from online marketing.
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