Profit Lance Review

Profit Lance Review

Profit Lance

Profit Lance

Profit Lance is one of the newer membership sites dedicated to making money online – and also one of the quickest growing and best selling programs of the year, click here to check out an alternative since it’s currently down – it’s Local Review Formula by Jeff Herschy! When I first joined Profit Lance, I was very surprised to see how much information was in the members area, and how organized everything was. It reminded me a little bit of Wealthy Affiliate.

As I went through the members area I got more and more excited because there really are a lot of gems in that members area. Unlike most sites, Profit Lance also goes into great detail about complete beginner internet marketing areas, which is very important. When you don’t learn the basics, you often get lost and frustrated down the road, and that is how you end up quitting. People often don’t realize just how close they are to making it before they quit, and all the work they put in is wasted…so please don’t ever quit. This business is too rewarding to pass up on.


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There is one thing that I was very surprised to see that Profit Lance did NOT have…and that is a forum (although there are plenty of free forums out there, this is still a disappointment). Most people don’t realize just how important a forum is to a members area. It is a place for the members to network, ask and answer questions. Forums are essentially one of the best learning tools for internet marketing, because when you don’t understand something you can go to the forum, ask your questions…and get a lot of varieties of different answers from different people, which is a HUGE help. The lack of a forum is definitely something that surprised me about Profit Lance!

Inside Profit Lance…


To Take A Free Look Inside The Profit Lance Members Area Click Here!


Profit Lance

Profit Lance

Above you will see a link that takes you inside the members area of Profit Lance. Like both Wealthy Affiliate University and The Rich Jerk, I am a member of Profit Lance and have been so for about 4-5 months. The reason I made this video is so that you can take a look at the inside of the members area of Profit Lance, and see what you would be getting if you decide to purchase a membership with them!

As you will see in the video, Profit Lance is very organized with their materials, and also take care of the complete newbie internet marketers. This is one of the more important aspects of an internet marketing membership site (covering the basics in details), because in this business you must know the basics to move on. Without the basics you are nothing, and you will have trouble succeeding!

Profit Lance is one of the best at doing this (just a little behind my #1 pick Wealthy Affiliate), and they also have tons of great organized information for novice and advanced marketers. This is why I put Profit Lance as my #2 pick for best wealth programs online!


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Advantages & Disadvantages Of Profit Lance…

Profit Lance

Profit Lance

Here I want to layout an organized list of the advantages and the disadvantages of the new internet marketing membership site Profit Lance. I want you to find the program that is right for you from this site, both by price and what they offer…and this is why I list BOTH the advantages and disadvantages.

Most people will list only the advantages because they are often selling their product and want you to buy it. But I include the disadvantages also because they are also important to know. For example…if you are someone who needs hands on support to succeed, and a site does not offer hands on support…that is not the right site for you, and you need to know that!

Advantages Of Profit Lance:

  1. Profit Lance is a fairly new internet marketing membership site and it already has more information and better organization than 99.9% of the sites out there. This means they have tons of room and time to grow into an even better site!
  2. They cover the basics of internet marketing (and each step at that) in great details…which is very important to success in this business. This will make learning internet marketing much easier for you, and help you start earning money much quicker.
  3. They are very organized with their information. It is very easy to see where to start, and which sections to start with first, next and last.
  4. Even though they are a new membership site they already have a good reputation which means they are a great site. Most sites it takes years to get a good rep…it is the great sites that get a good rep very quickly.
  5. There is a one time fee, and then you get a lifetime membership which no extra costs or fees.
  6. All the e-books, videos, articles, step-by-step instructions, tools and the blog are included with the membership and free to use for life.
  7. There are tons of updates – new tools, new features and new downloads all free with your membership.
  8. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed, 2 Month Money Back Guarantee.
  9. Purchasing through my website you will get $20 off, as I have made a deal with Michael for you all!
  10. I will also include a Double Profit Lance Guarantee for those that purchase through this site! (Invaluable offer, see below for details)!


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Disadvantages Of Profit Lance:

  1. Single biggest disadvantage with Profit Lance is its lack of a forum.
  2. At $77 (Would be $97 without the $20 discount from my site) – this is a little higher than most sites. BUT this is also the second best website on the internet for learning internet marketing (in my opinion). And also, once you pay the $77, you have your Profit Lance membership for life. But with that said, $77 may be a little too much too pay all at once for some people.

Double Profit Lance Guarantee!

Profit Lance

Profit Lance

As I did with Wealthy Affiliate University, I am also going to offer a Double Profit Lance Guarantee! If you did not read the Wealthy Affiliate University Review Section of my website, I will explain what the Double Profit Lance Guarantee is.

On top of Profit Lance offering you a 2 month money back guarantee…I will also include lifetime help from yours truly. If you purchase Profit Lance from any link on my website, and send me an e-mail to with the subject PROFIT LANCE DOUBLE GUARANTEE, and include your name and receipt…I will give you access to my special help e-mail I only offer a few people.

People who have access to this e-mail get to ask me any question they want, as many questions as they want, whenever they want, and I will always answer your questions in great detail and often pretty quickly. I usually charge up to $300 an HOUR for coaching, so this offer is invaluable.

Because of Profit Lance’s lack of a forum…I think that this is something that was very important to include with your purchase of a Profit Lance Membership. It will make up for the lack of the forum, and give you a 10 times greater chance of succeeding and making a ton of money online. This is a rare opportunity, and I will not be offering this offer anymore once 50 total people get access to my private help e-mail as a result of buying Wealthy Affiliate University or Profit Lance through my website!

The Bottom Line For Profit Lance…

Profit Lance

Profit Lance

As I mentioned before, Profit Lance is a fairly new internet marketing program, yet it is in my opinion the second best on the entire internet. If they just included a forum and gave a little better support with the membership, it would really give Wealthy Affiliate University a run for their money. But as of now, there is just no program that can compare to Wealthy Affiliate Online University – especially when combined with the tool Unique Article Wizard.

This the biggest reason I am including the Double Profit Lance Guarantee…because Profit Lance really is a TERRIFIC membership site. You will really learn the tools you need to start making a lot of money online to be your own boss, wake up when you please, work when you please and essentially control your income – The American Dream. I included this Double Profit Lance Guarantee to replace the non-existent forum. But remember that only 50 spots are available for this offer, and the spots will be filling quickly.

But I want to make it clear that Profit Lance goes so in depth with their information, that some people don’t even need a forum to ask questions and for other support. The reason I wanted to mention the lack of the forum, is for the people that really need extra support to succeed. And although Profit Lance is one of the best programs on the entire internet that is the one area they lack…a support forum.

Other than that this is a absolutely awesome membership site that I am confident will teach a lot of you how to make a lot of money online. As long as you have the drive to succeed, and a semi-decent work ethic, Profit Lance will provide you with the tools needed to succeed in this awesome business!


Join Profit Lance Here

Note: If you are interested in learning about drop shipping or e-commerce I recommend either Worldwide Brands or Doba.


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