Most Common Article Marketing Mistakes

Most Common Article Marketing Mistakes

If you are interested in article marketing, or other areas of internet marketing – then you should look into the Wealthy Affiliates. Not only do they cover article marketing, but a wide range of internet marketing categories. The only category they don’t really cover is drop shipping, but you can look into World Wide Brands for anything you need to know about drop shipping.

Article marketing is a good and effective marketing tool unless some most common article marketing mistakes take place. These mistakes might destroy the whole process.

Use of poor content: Use of poor content, language, and spelling may make a very informative article unattractive to the readers. The users may feel the article disgusting. This cause negative rating and low user response. Readers never share a poor article to theirs friends and no web master will use it in his site. So, this is a mistake that may make the whole process simply waste of valuable time (What Is Article Marketing?).

Lack of using proper keyword: Search engines drive a good numbers of readers to any article directories. Even each article directories have their own article search engine. Lack of using proper keyword decrease the ranking of your article and reduce the visibility to the readers.

By this way, the chance of sharing with readers friends among social networking sites and social book marking sites also reduced. There is also a less chance a web master will use your article to his site. So, selection and placement of proper keyword is necessary. Less number of reading, reduce the clicking possibility on the link on site resource box.

Submission in wrong directory: When a user chooses a directory on an article directory site, he wants to view articles on only that topic. Submitting article in wrong directory not only irritates that user but it also made impossible to find.

Not using HTML codes: Some article directories allow the article writers to add html code inside the article. Writers can use this feature to add click able link on the keywords. This creates more back link to the site and increases the possibility of clicking. More back link means more pagerank. If a writer does not use this feature then he misses a great chance to represent his site in a more effective manner.

Not adding sharing option: Article directories often allow article writers to customize their page. They can add personalized gadgets in it. Adding a share button allows the reader to share the article by a simple click. This helps the better spreading of the articles over social networks and social bookmarking sites. It is a great mistake if the writer does not make proper use of this (Outsourcing Your Article Writing).

Selection of correct license: The article could be published under several licenses. The best license that helps the spreading of the article is creative commons share alike and attribution non-commercial no derivatives. This allows anyone to use the article on their site without changing the content, author and by clear acknowledgement. If a writer chooses a license that does not allow anyone to share, then the marketing process could not be effectively done.

These most common article marketing mistakes hamper the effectiveness of overall web site. This should be avoided at any cost to get the most from this great technique.

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