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Doba Scammed Me!  Find Out How In This Doba Review…



I feel SCAMMED by Doba!  They took tens of thousands of dollars out of my pocket…back when I joined some years ago there was no 14 day free trial.  There was not so many helpful tools like there is now.  There was not such a large selection of drop shipping products and suppliers.  They have over 1.5 MILLION drop shipping products to choose from now.  They had no where near that amount when I first joined.

If they had everything they have now back when I joined some years ago, I could have made a lot more money a lot quicker.  But maybe part of this is my fault, as I didn’t really take the time to learn the basics like I should have, so make sure that YOU do learn the basics!

Like I mentioned they now have a 14 day free trial, which I highly recommend taking advantage of.  What’s better than test driving one of the best drop shipping sites on the internet for 14 days?  If you don’t like it just drop them like a bad habit, because they are not for everyone (no company is).  If you mesh well with Doba, they are the type of drop shipping company that you can make some BIG money with fairly quickly, as they are probably the easiest drop shipping company to work with, along with Worldwide Brands

Because Doba is so different than the other drop shipping sites out there, I think that the 14 day free trial is a superior part of their business. They know that most people will love Doba, but because it is different some people will not like it…some people just don’t like a change. So they offer the 14 day free trial so that you can make sure you like their different type of style with drop shipping, like a meteor over Russia.

Why Use Doba…Why Not Use Doba?

Some of the reasons FOR using Doba are pretty obvious and are listed below:


As you can see, with Doba you have access to over 1.5 MILLION UNIQUE products. That is a lot of products to choose from. This gives you the abilities to be able to choose from a wide variety of whatever product you are looking for, which will get you a much better price.

Doba guarantees the lowest price amount for internet drop shippers!  This is a HUGE plus for them!

You can also communicate with them to lower prices, especially when you are making a lot of sales…which is not hard with eBay. When you have people fighting over your business, and you have the option to choose from a bunch of different options, you are in a very leveraging position!

DobaOf course Doba offers that very important 14 day free trial, so that you can see if this is the right drop shipping directory for you. I recommend EVERYONE sign up to the free trial, because you have nothing to lose, and this just could be the perfect drop shipping company for you. So even if you don’t decide to join Doba, I think it is very important to at least try the 14 day free trial so you can better understand how different yet how easy Doba is to use and grow your business with.

Doba is also a member of the Better Business Bureaus (BBB), and only very trustworthy companies are accepted to be members of the BBB. This is just another positive reminder that Doba is a very strong drop shipping directory to build your business with. And of course…you never have to mess with any of the products. Doba handles, packages, and deals with all the products and customer support so that you have absolutely no head aches.

DobaSo why not use Doba? Well one of the biggest reasons that people do not use Doba is because it is a different type of drop shipping directory. I don’t understand this so much, if a drop shipping program is advancing your business and making you a lot of money, why would you care if it is different?

There’s one more type of person that Doba is NOT for…and that is the people who like to do everything on their own. Doba is VERY helpful and VERY easy to use, and they do a ton of the steps of drop shipping for you. To me, they make the process simple and save me a ton of time. But there are some people that don’t like this type of help. They like to do everything on their own, and they like to do it their own way. So if you’re looking to do your own market research and do everything else on your own…then Doba is NOT the drop shipping program for you!

How Doba Works And How To Use Doba Correctly…


One of the things that makes Doba such a successful Drop Shipping directory is that they have everything in one place, as you can see. I know I have said it over and over…but this is part of what makes Doba so easy to use and succeed with.

DobaNot matter how good or bad a drop shipping company is, you still have to sell smart. Even though the 3 drop shippers I recommend are the top 3 in the world, this does not mean you will succeed with them just because they are the best drop shipping companies. You still have to work the program (and none is easier to do this with than Doba), and you have to SELL SMART.

Make sure that when you start setting up your auctions that you pace them. Don’t try to make a million dollars over night. It’s not going to happen, and rushing like this will only set you back. With this said, drop shipping is night a get rich over night option. It is a long term business plan than can last the rest of your life. If you take only a couple months to properly set up your drop shipping business, it can be a business that supports you and your family for the rest of your life.

I recommend that you start by selling products that you know a lot about already. Don’t try to get into something that you know absolutely nothing about. When you are familiar with the products that you are selling it will make it much easier on you…and especially when you are first starting out. So when you first start setting up your drop shipping business, please start with products that you have good knowledge on.

DobaAlso, one last tip that I want to give you is to find items that sell and continue to sell. A good example of this is a product that people need…and a product people will always need.  I have a friend who owns a cemetary, he is in the burial business.  That is a perfect example…this is something that will NEVER go out of business. People aren’t just going to stop dying, so his business will always be moving along.

This is just an example, obviously your not going to be selling burial services – that is not the type of thing you do with drop shipping. But I wanted to give you an example of what I meant by to sell something that people need, and will always need. All of these tips that I mentioned are very important to use together with Doba because of the way it is set up…I was not just giving these tips out of the blue.

So I recommend signing up with the 14 day free trial for Doba…and if after the 14 days you decide that you do indeed like Doba and the style of drop shipping that they offer, make sure you keep what I said in mind and start building your business. Remember that just a few months of work is enough to set you up a very successful drop shipping business that can support you and your family for years and years to come! Check out Doba!

Note: If you are more interested in general internet marketing, I highly recommend the company that taught me this business, Wealthy Affiliate University. And of course my #1 tool, Unique Article Wizard.

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Wayne Says:
January 28, 2012 at 12:02 am

I was given a 14-dy free trial, but I believe they cut me off at 7 days. Tried re-registering but they will not let me in unless I pay. I’m still doing research on products and have not made any orders, yet. I’m looking for an Estee Lauder drop shipper. I will not pay the monthly fee unless I know they have the products, if they have what I am looking for…then I will pay the monthly fee.

May 8, 2012 at 5:37 pm

just joined and cant get into the sight

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