What Does It Take To Be Successful In This Business

What Does It Take To Be Successful In This Business?

I hear a lot of people asking this question, one way or another, throughout the internet – primarily in the forums related to the internet marketing niche and make money online niche (Top 5 Ways To Build Links Without Articles).

Sometimes the question is asked a little differently, such as “Can you really make money online?”, “Is it really possible to make money online?”, “Do you need any special skills to make money online?”, “Is it possible to make money right away online?”, “What should I do to start making money online?”.

Well that is what I want to make this post about – I want to tell everyone exactly what it takes to be successful in the internet marketing business.  And before I do so I just want to clear up some terminology for some of those reading who may not exactly understand the terminology I am using. When someone mentions affiliate marketing, the make money online business, making money online, selling online, or any other type of wording that describes making money on the internet; it’s considered a part of internet marketing (Online Affiliate Marketing Training).

I think that understanding exact terminology is important because if you don’t understand something or even get things mixed up it can really put a dent in your learning process which can in turn put a big dent in your success. It’s important that you learn everything the right away and understand it correctly the first time so that as you move on you have all of the correct information to go off of when you do move forward. If you would like to learn about some more vocabulary you can check out Internet Marketing Vocabulary.

Now lets move on to exactly what it takes to be successful in the internet marketing business, and also lets take care of some myths. Lets actually start with the myths first:

1) Make money typing or make money doing data entry: If you ever see anything like this it is complete crap. This is actually one of the first programs that I bought when I first entered the internet marketing business. I actually remember the exact name of the program and it was a program called Type At Home by a man a named Billy Briggs – who has actually been come to be known as one of the biggest scam artists on the entire internet. His company is called “Cyber Junky” – and if you google Cyber Junky or Billy Briggs you will find tons of scam related stuff. Very big scam artist, but that is beside the point (10 Secrets To Building Links).

Any time you see a program that says anything about type at home jobs, data entry jobs, keyboarding for cash, or anything along those lines it is completely phony. They will make it sound very good and very believable, but it’s not!

Basically what they teach you in these programs is usually how to make an affiliate link, how the affiliate process works, and how to make pay per click ads and post in forums in such. So the buyers will post to forums with their affiliate links and post pay per click ads with their affiliate links – and they will be SUPER excited because they just got INTRODUCED to the business and finally understand the CONCEPT of how you can make money online (Internet Marketing Tools I Use). Unfortunately a simple introduction on the concept of how this business works is no where near enough – they lose a boatload of money because their pay per click ads make nothing – and actually lose them hundreds or thousands of dollars. And there forum posts do nothing forum, because none of it is described in detail.

You can’t just throw up some forum posts with your affiliate links in the signature line and just throw up some random pay per click ads and expect to lose money. But you can expect to lose a bunch of time and money.

I actually remember quitting the business for a while after joining Billy Briggs program almost 5 years ago because I wasted so much time and money. Fortunately for me I picked back up a couple months later and joined Wealthy Affiliate and then Worldwide Brands just a little later on. Now lets move on to the next myth…

2) Claims that complete beginners can be making hundreds or thousands of week with a “secret system”: Again, this is more bull crap – in 99.9% of the cases (I just don’t want to say 100% because some loophole or some other form of marketing will pop up every once in a while that someone discovers, but even if it does it will most likely NOT be sold, and if it is sold it will last no more than a couple days – so the chances of it making you any money at all are extremely slim – even if it is true). So with that said, we can assume that these claims are pretty much all crap.

If you see anything that claims to be able to make you super quick money (even if you are not a beginner and are a novice or even advanced marketer) it is likely not true, plain and simple. Stay away from everything like this! I know it can be tempting because people’s want for quick easy money is through the roof, and people believe what they want to believe. Not to mention the people selling these products often are paying top of the line copywriters tens of thousands of dollars (I have heard of a sales page costing up to $100,000) to make these sales pages that just suck you in and make it almost impossible for you NOT to buy – that’s why I don’t even look at this crap at all. Because some of these sales pages are so good that even I may buy if I read them – and i DEFINITELY know better – and I’m just being honest here (Is Internet Marketing Worth The Effort?).

So anything that claims super fast, super quick money, or fast money that requries little to no work on your part is crap – stay away from it. Don’t even visit the page because there is a good chance the sales page will suck you in and take a good chunk of change out of your pocket.

Now with those two myths out of the way (actually more than 2 myths really, it was just 2 VERY broad myths), lets get into what it does take to succeed in this business.

The first thing that it takes to succeed in this business is a determination to be successful. There is something called the law of attraction – and the law of attraction is a very powerful. A VERY basic definition of the law of attraction is that you attract into your life whatever you think about. And this is a true concept. Because when I first started with internet marketing all I thought about was succeeding in the internet marketing business. Me thinking about succeeding in the internet marketing business and having financial freedom led to me working extremely hard on making this a true destiny, and so it became!

If you want to learn more about the law of attraction you can Google it, but like I said the very basic definition of the law of attraction is that you attract into your life whatever you think about – make sure you remember that. Basically if you want something bad enough you will get it.

Now after determination, you need to have patience, you need to be willed, you need to not just determined but dedicated, and you need to have a good work ethic. This business is not a business where you are going to see success over night, unfortunately it does take a lot of time and hard work. But don’t let the words hard work scare you away – as the work itself isn’t necessarily hard – but the amount of time you need to work is more of what is hard (Why Most New Internet Marketers Fail).

Because usually you are working your normal 9-5 job (I say this broadly and understand your hours could be much different) and then you have to come home and put in your time on the computer; many of you with wives, husbands, children, cousins, aunts, uncles, friends, etc etc. We all have obligations and we are all very busy. But if this is something you really want you will fit it in as much as you can. Make it hobby as much as a business. I personally enjoy working on here as I look at it in a positive light – almost like a big puzzle I am putting together or a big project I am working on – where each piece of work is another piece to my unsolved puzzle.

Now you need all of this: determination, dedication, patience, hard work, will, good work ethic, a want to succeed – but there is something else that is just as important as all of these things put together and that’s GUIDANCE.

Can you succeed in this business without guidance? It’s possible – but it would require MUCH more of all of the things listed above as there are just so many parts of this business and so much different terminology and other skills and procedures that doing it yourself can be extremely frustrating and time consuming.

If you have someone to guide you along the way, you are going to have a course laid out for you that you can follow along with and learn the right parts of this business at the right time. You will be given exercises and tools that will force you to work on the right parts of this business at the right time so that when you are all done the course you will be ready to go out there and make money in the business, and start building your own business.

You just need to make sure you have the proper guidance. I’m sure there are more than a few good guidance programs out there for you to learn from, but I have not come across more than a couple myself. And the fact is that there is a WHOLE LOT more bad ones out there is good ones. Not to mention that I am comparing all of these to the place that taught me almost everything I personally know in this business – which is Wealthy Affiliate University.

Wealthy Affiliate is just so good at teaching this business, that when I go into other learning programs that may actually be considered good learning programs I consider them not good – maybe it is because I am comparing them to Wealthy Affiliate which is just off the charts. They just have the complete setup for learning the business. They are the Harvard and Yale of the online internet marketing teachers – and no one has taught more successful internet marketers than they have.

And the only thing I can do is recommend what worked for me, and for so many others, and that’s Wealthy Affiliate – point, blank, period. I’m sure there are others out there that can also teach you the business for cheaper (like The Rich Jerk), but I’m confident that no one can teach you the business as effectively and as efficiently as Wealthy Affiliate can.

Another online teacher I want to talk about shortly is Worldwide Brands - as they are the best in the business for what they teach and that is drop shipping. I don’t want to go too far into exactly what drop shipping is, but a basic explanation of drop shipping is selling physical products without having to do any of the shipping, packaging, stocking, buying, etc. All you do is sell, and the drop shipping company takes care of the rest. The best example of this would be eBay selling. So if this is something you are interested in – Worldwide Brands is no doubt about it the best for learning this side of the business. Great Worldwide Brands alternatives are both Doba and Salehoo, and you can check out my Doba Review and Salehoo Review if interested.

Now before I end this post I do want to talk about no guidance at all. It is definitely possible to succeed in the internet marketing business without any guidance what so ever – but it is just going to be SO much harder on you. It’s going to take a LOT more time, it’s going to be a LOT more frustrating, and you are going to have to do a ton of different research in a ton of different places.

When you are learning without any guidance you unfortunately don’t get to learn things “in order” like you should and this often leads to confusion and irritation as you start not understanding more and more about the business which just requires more and more research.

I do understand if you have no money what so ever to invest in a “guidance program” – but I also highly recommend at least SOME kind of guidance program. If you checkout my Wealth Programs and Drop Shipping Programs I have alternative programs in there that are cheaper than Wealthy Affiliate and Worldwide Brands. Although they are not as good as these two programs, at least they will help give you some type of guidance so you are not all alone in your pursuit of online success.

If you would also like some more information on related information to this post, you can check out some of my other posts on Prima in Internet Marketing, The Best Place to Learn Internet Marketing, and Useful Strategies In Internet Marketing.

I hope this post on “What Does It Take To Be Successful In This Business” was informative for you and helped you learn exactly what it takes to be successful in this business and that there are not any shortcuts. It requires hard work and dedication no matter what you and need to be prepared to put in that work if you want to be a successful internet marketer. Best of luck and I would love to hear your comments!

Greg is an experienced internet marketer that makes a 7 figure a year income from online marketing.
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